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August, The Month That Makes Champions

With the coming shift in the market, agents must put in the work NOW to ensure a good fall. In fact, Gary Vee calls August, “the month that makes champions.” Here are some steps to take to improve your communication and connect with your clients.

1. Care calls – call your clients so you can stay in tune with their buying and selling needs and concerns.

2. Be positive but not opportunistic – reach out and genuinely help your clients in a time of need. It might lead to business down the road but more importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

3. Be a knowledge leader – supply your clients with beneficial information and ask your clients to help by supplying that information. Being the hub of community information and networking opportunities. Establish yourself as a valuable source of information and stay top-of-mind.

4. Talk, talk, talk – teleconference, phone calls, and many other technology tools make it easy to stay in touch and stay closer to clients.

5. Fight F.E.A.R. – Cody Gibson urges agents to fight False Expectations Appearing Real (FEAR) in their clients. All shifts are just that – shifts from a previous norm which was itself a shift. Show that people are still buying and selling houses. It will help calm their fears and may help them move forward.

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